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Personal Injury Attorney Thomas C. Saunders Speaks About Serving Clients' Needs


Thomas C. Saunders speaks about the importance of service to clients, and how an overly large firm diminishes that connection - spending the time to learn about our client's problems and needs is essential to getting them the legal help they need.

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I formed Saunders Law Group in 2002, and I'm proud to say we're in our 15th year. And while I had worked with some very fine law firms, it became very apparent to me that the more profitable a law firm became, the bigger a law firm became, the less contact they had with their clients. Certainly, I understood that from a business perspective. You want to get clients in and out as fast as possible to maximize profit. And if we were only looking at this from a business perspective, that would be a perfect business model. But a law firm, a lawyer is a service industry. That lawyer is a service person, and, therefore, it seems to me that the larger a law firm got and the less client contact they had, the less service could be given to that client. So I opened this law firm with that goal in mind, service to that client. The only way, in my opinion, that you can do that is to spend enough time with the client to fully understand that client's problem so that you can fully address that client's legal needs. At Saunders Law Group, we maintain a practice that is client-oriented. I don't care whether we have to spend our free half-hour consultation with the client or a free hour in consultation with that client. At the end of our initial visit, we're going to understand what that client's problems are and what those client's specific needs are no matter how much time that takes. We've been very successful here at Saunders Law Group, and we now have four lawyers in two different cities. Those four lawyers all share the philosophy of Saunders Law Group by providing personalized service to our client. You're going to have more time with us, not less. We're going to know more about your problem, not less. You're not going to feel with that you're rushed into discussing things with us in a quick in and out. You're going to feel more like a family member sitting down, discussing a very personalized legal need. At Saunders Law Group, our goal is service. Our philosophy is service and what we promise you is service.

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