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A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help Recover Your Monetary Losses

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident often results in serious injury. However, our knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys in Bartow, FL, can help you obtain just compensation and provide you with sound legal advice. Many people believe that the police will collect all the evidence needed for your case. This is not true, and you should also collect your own evidence. Do not rely on the police to build a case for you.

Additionally, you must realize that hiring the wrong personal injury lawyer can greatly jeopardize your case. You must hire someone who focuses on motorcycle accidents. Saunders Law Group has the experience, knowledge and skill you can count on. Contact us today to receive sound legal guidance at our Bartow.

Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Since many people believe that motorcycles are inherently dangerous, proving you are not at fault in an accident can be difficult. Below is a list of some tips on how to prove you are not responsible in a motorcycle accident:

  • Wear safety equipment: Always wear the required safety equipment. If you fail to wear a helmet, in the event of an accident, the other driver can claim you suffered an injury because you were not wearing proper safety equipment.
  • Obey traffic laws: You must obey all traffic signals and laws while operating a motorcycle. Our motorcycle accident lawyer can help prove you were not at fault if you did not break any traffic laws. Additionally, if you can prove the other driver failed to obey a traffic signal or law, you greatly improve your chances of success.
  • Never drink and drive: Not only is drinking and driving illegal, but it is extremely dangerous, especially on a motorcycle.
  • Speak to witnesses: A witness can corroborate your story and prove that you are not at fault.
  • Take photographs: If you are able to do so, take photographs with your cell phone. Evidence at the scene of an accident can change or disappear quickly.
  • Contact an attorney: Lastly, motorcycle accident law firms can collect evidence and build a case that proves you are not responsible for the accident.

One of the worst mistakes you can make if you are in a motorcycle accident is delaying. The statute of limitations for a personal injury in Florida is four years. After this time passes, you cannot take legal action.


Motorcycles can be great for recreation and transportation. However, negligent drivers can cause you injury or even death. When you or someone you love suffers a motorcycle accident injury, you must contact an experienced legal team. Saunders Law Group focuses on assisting motorcycle accident victims. Contact us today either by phone 1-866-334-3309 or through our easy-to-use online form.

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