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'Never' events hurt innocent patients

"Never" events in a surgical setting encompass things that patients shouldn't ever have to deal with because following a medical provider's "best practices" should simply prevent these. Several events fall under this category. People who are having surgery and those who have already had a procedure done should know about these.

Know what goes into determining standard of care

The standard of care in a medical malpractice case is set by several factors, and it isn't the same in all cases. Any individual who is harmed by a medical professional might wonder if the breach of the standard was the cause. Understanding a few points about it can help you if you're in the position where you need to take legal action over a malpractice incident.

Res ipsa doctrine and medical malpractice actions

Receiving medical care can either feel routine or overwhelming. Whether a patient is at a clinic for a regular check-up or is at a medical facility due to an illness, injury, emergency or scheduled procedure, a patient is likely to encounter various medical professionals. And when a patient is experiencing a wide range of pains and emotions, it can be difficult to recall what medical professional did what at what point of their care. Thus, when a patient suffers harm, it may be challenging for them to pinpoint just how this harm occurred and who is accountable for the harms suffered by a medical mistake or error.

Helping medical malpractice victims fight after a misdiagnosis

The holiday season is the time of year when we wish cheer and good health to others. Unfortunately, health issues could suddenly creep up on us, whether it is detected through a routine medical exam or a visit with a specialist prompted by concerning ailments. While a diagnosis of an illness often means getting a prescribed treatment plan from a medical professional, if a medical professional made a misdiagnosis, significant harm could be caused to a patient.

What victims of a delayed diagnosis can do about it

When a doctor or other medical care professional has failed to provide the patient with a timely diagnosis, serious consequences and harm can result. Victims of a delayed diagnosis, failure to diagnose or erroneous diagnosis and treatment may all be able to seek remedies for the harm they have suffered through a medical malpractice claim for damages.

Medical malpractice help for victims of medication errors

There are a variety of different types of medical errors that can cause harm to victims. Medication errors are one type of medical malpractice for which medical care providers may be liable. Whatever the medical malpractice circumstances, it is helpful for victims of medical malpractice to be familiar with the legal options protecting them when a medical error has resulted in harm to the victim.

The impact of a failure to diagnose on victims is serious

A failure to diagnose an illness timely or properly can result in serious consequences and harm to victims. As a result, it is important for victims of medical malpractice to know what to do and how to respond when a trusted medical care provider has let them down.

Who is accountable for medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice can not only result in injuries and harm to the victim but may also result in death which is why victims of medical malpractice and their families should be familiar with how a medical malpractice claim for damages works and also who may be liable to compensate victims for their damages. Medical malpractice damages may help victims and their families with the variety of concerns they face.

Florida man receives $3.6 million medical malpractice award

Victims of medical malpractice are protected by the law. A man in Florida recently won a $3.6 million settlement after his wife died. The man's wife received four spinal injections for lower back pain. However, the victim was later admitted to the hospital in excruciating pain. The victim was at that point diagnosed with an epidural abscess. She underwent multiple surgeries and treatments over the period of a year and died at the age of 60. The victim endured at least 8 surgeries.

Protections for victims of a failure to diagnose

Victims of Florida medical malpractice need to be familiar with the legal options and protections available to them. Medical malpractice can result in serious consequences for victims and their families, which is why they should be familiar with the resources available when a medical care professional has violated their carefully placed trust.

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