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Florida Attorney For Victims Of Surgical Errors

While the thought of undergoing a surgical procedure can be extremely worrisome, patients ultimately expect to be helped and not harmed by surgery. The reality, though, is that surgeons and surgical staff are sometimes careless and make mistakes, and the results can be devastating for patients — physically, emotionally and financially.

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to a surgical error, contact Saunders Law Group today. With offices in Bartow, our medical malpractice lawyers represent clients throughout Central Florida.

These Complex Cases Require Skilled Legal Representation

As a surgical patient, you put your trust in surgeons and surgical staff because they are highly trained medical professionals. You also expect your surgeon to inform you if something goes wrong during a medical procedure. Unfortunately, doctors are not always forthcoming after they make mistakes, even when the error is a so-called “never event.” In other cases, the surgeon may inform the patient that something went wrong, but the surgeon will deny that medical negligence played a part.

At Saunders Law Group, we help injured patients and their families get the answers they need and deserve. Our medical malpractice attorneys have the knowledge, experience and professional resources to investigate and prove cases of medical negligence, including surgeon malpractice.

Our attorneys enlist the help of medical experts who can recognize when a surgical error or an anesthesia error has occurred. We also have extensive experience assessing the physical, emotional and financial burdens that medical injuries place on patients and their families. As double board-certified trial lawyers, we will not hesitate to fight for you to get you the financial compensation you need for the harm you have suffered.

Saunders Law Group has decades of experience and a proven record of success in medical negligence claims.

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Surgeons, hospitals and their insurance companies are quick to deny responsibility when a medical mistake has happened, even when the error resulted in serious injury or death. Let us help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

For a free consultation with a skilled and dedicated attorney, please call 863-578-4755 or fill out our convenient contact form, briefly explaining your situation. Our lawyers advise and represent clients throughout Polk, Highlands, Hardee and Hillsborough counties.