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Harmed By A Medication Error? Let Us Be Your Voice For Justice.

Because doctors are well-educated and highly trained medical professionals, you rely on them to know how a particular medication will affect your health. If you suffer an injury or further illness because of a doctor’s medication error, the doctor who prescribed the drug should be held accountable.

At Saunders Law Group in Bartow, Florida, our medical malpractice lawyers have the extensive experience and professional resources to investigate and prove cases of medical negligence, including medication errors that result in injury or death.

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Medication errors can be devastating for patients. If you or a loved one has been harmed due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, let us be your voice for justice. Our medical malpractice attorneys are double board-certified, which means we have the legal knowledge, courtroom skills and professional resources to investigate your case and build a strong claim for the maximum available compensation.

We can assess the extent to which a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence has affected your life and your family’s life. If a medication error has caused you harm, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your physical and emotional suffering, your additional medical expenses, and the medical error’s impact on your ability to earn a living.

Medication errors can happen in multiple ways, including:

  • Wrong dosage
  • Wrong drug
  • Failure to review medical records, resulting in an allergic reaction to a medication
  • Failure to inform the patient about potential side effects of a prescription drug
  • Contaminated drugs administered in a hospital or other medical setting
  • Failure to monitor the patient after prescribing potentially harmful drugs

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