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Lawyer For Compensation After A Birth Injury To Baby Or Mother

Across all areas of medical malpractice, there is perhaps nothing quite as devastating as a birth injury to the baby or mother. While there is always some health risk when a mother gives birth, our modern hospitals and medical training are there to help minimize the risk of serious injury before, during and after child birth. When something goes wrong with prenatal care, in the delivery room or during postnatal care, families have a right to wonder whether negligence may have played a part.

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We are the medical malpractice trial lawyers of Saunders Law Group in Bartow, Florida. For more than three decades, we have been aggressively representing parents in medical malpractice litigation related to birth injuries to the baby or mother.

Common types of birth injuries to the baby include (but are not limited to):

  • Facial paralysis: Like many birth injuries, facial paralysis is entirely avoidable. This condition typically occurs when the operating doctor bruises the infant’s face with forceps. Depending on the degree of pressure applied, the condition can last weeks and may require surgery to correct.
  • Brachial plexus: Typically caused by excessive pulling, a brachial plexus injury is paralysis or weakness of the arm or shoulder. While the majority of infants recover within six months, those who do not may require surgery and, even then, may not regain full movement.
  • Cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy: Palsy occurs when too much pressure is applied to the skull and brain of an infant during delivery. It can also result when the physician fails to monitor fetal distress. As a result, the child suffers a permanent loss of movement and nerve function.

Injuries To The Mother

In addition to personal injury and wrongful death representation involving the baby, we also represent mothers who have suffered injury due to their doctor’s negligence or hospital errors.

These claims may involve:

Injuries To The Child

Depending on the seriousness of the birth injury and the amount of evidence, the response of the hospital may vary. If the injury is relatively minor and there is little to no evidence supporting your claim, the hospital will likely not give your case much attention. However, if the injury your child suffered is serious, and you have sufficient evidence presented by a birth injury law firm, the hospital may offer you a settlement.

We can provide an accurate valuation of your case and be your voice for justice. If the settlement offered by the hospital is less than what you are entitled to, we will fight for you in court.

Double Board-Certified To Pursue These Complex Medical Negligence Claims

We are one of only a few law firms in Florida with attorneys who have been double board-certified in civil trial and business litigation. We bring our credentials and extensive experience to each and every case, and opposing attorneys are aware of our skills and our record of success.

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