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A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Navigate The Legal Process

At Saunders Law Group in Bartow, Florida, we know that emotions are often raw when couples decide to divorce. In many cases, spouses have known the marriage has been over for years, but the time for formally ending it wasn’t right, perhaps because of children.

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We speak with people every day who are frustrated and ready to make shortsighted decisions about their divorce. Sometimes they just want out of the marriage and will give up everything. Sometimes they want to hurt their spouse by demanding the world.

The reality is that divorce is a legal contract. As such, breaking that contract requires a judge to review the proposed settlement and approve (adjudicate) the agreement, and fighting to keep the house and complete control of the children will not likely be approved in the final divorce judgment. In the end, the argument only leads to more frustration and higher legal fees.

Everything Is Open To A Negotiated, Collaborative Agreement That Works

As a team of experienced collaborative divorce attorneys, we want to show you a better way. We have found that a collaborative, commonsense approach through mediation and calm negotiations with the other party is almost always the right approach to the divorce process.

Whether your points of contention have to do with child custody and visitation rights, marital property or spousal support, there is almost always a way to resolve the dispute without having to take the disputes to court.

“We have earned an excellent reputation as the family law firm to help get you through this process without the unnecessary financial and emotional high costs of trial.” — Attorney Thomas C. Saunders

Settling Visitation Rights Through A Collaborative Divorce Settlement

Setting up specific visitation rights in a collaborative divorce setting can be beneficial. First, collaborative divorce is typically a less confrontational and adversarial process. Also, spouses can proceed to make arguments without worrying about any threat of litigation. As a result, mutually beneficial terms of visitation may be established. However, if an agreement cannot be made, you must hire a new attorney for litigation.

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