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A Family Law Attorney Can Provide Peace of Mind

Saunders Law Group can provide a family law attorney in Bartow, FL, to help you through matters that include divorce, child custody, child support, alimony claims and adoptions.

Family Law

Our law firm believes that it is in the best interest of most, if not all, families to resolve all of the issues involved in a divorce by settlement rather than asking a court to make a decision that will affect the rights and obligations of the family. Saunders Law Group has been practicing family law in Bartow helping families with divorce, alimony and child custody along with all areas involving family disputes.

However, a settlement that is fair to all sides requires that the case be properly prepared. This is where the experience gained in actual trial comes in. The client can be ensured that the attorneys at Saunders Law Group stand ready to try the case if settlement does not work.

By being fully prepared for trial in the event that settlement becomes impossible, the client is ensured that the case is postured for a settlement while being readied, if need be, for the unique talents needed for trial.

Clearly, divorce involves most all of the major emotions a human being can experience, and frequently these emotions can cause a person to override logic and practicality in favor of the oftentimes unfavorable decisions that come about as a result of anger or emotional upheaval.

Tom and the Saunders Law Group staff have more than 20 years of experience in litigation matters and family law, we have seen or been personally involved in most all of the situations that can, unfortunately, arise in a modern divorce.

Whether it is the pain of the loss of a loved one, dealing with the unique problems facing children of all ages when the parents are divorcing, or whether it is the financial strains often presented by the dissolution itself, Tom and his staff are always available to provide the client with professional advice on the legal issues and guidance in dealing with the understandable emotions that can be brought to the surface in a divorce.

Saunders Law Group concentrates a significant portion of its practice on Family Law issues for the Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow communities in Polk County, Florida. Thomas C. Saunders has been listed in Super Lawyer’s magazine for his Family Law practice. Tom uses his specialization as a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney and a Board Certified Business Litigation Attorney to enhance a client’s litigation position during the divorce process.

The Family Law practice consists of all aspects of Family Law including divorce, child custody and visitation matters (“Timesharing”), child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. Saunders Law Group’s Family Law practice also includes adoption. We also provide legal representation in modification actions where prior Orders or Judgments of the Court are modified to meet the changing needs of a spouse or child.

Divorce presents clients with the need to make significant, potentially life changing decisions during a time of great emotional trauma. At Saunders Law Group, we understand that Family Law matters require patience and understanding of each client’s specific needs. We guide our clients towards the decisions needed to successfully resolve divorce issues. 

Whether the issues involve child support, divorce, visitation/custody/timesharing, modification actions, adoptions or alimony, at Saunders Law Group we are dedicated to helping you through these most trying of times.

For more information about specific aspects of Family Law and general answers to common questions, read more from our family law attorneys here.

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