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Sound Counsel to Guide You through Business and Commercial Disputes

“A majority of business disputes center around some form of a breach of contract.”

Tom Saunders and K.C. Bouchillon at Saunders Law Group are highly well-versed in business law cases and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the proper outcome for your claims. We can handle any of your business law needs in Bartow, FL, and the surrounding areas, including business or partnership disputes, partnership dissolutions, and more. We can assist by either drawing up a new contract that is agreeable to all parties, or we can determine if the contract is voidable. 


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Types of Business Law Cases We Handle

Contract Disputes

We can assist with a variety of contract disputes, whether between two businesses, between business partners, or between businesses and vendors. We can determine if a breach of contract occurred and what legal actions you can take. 

Construction Litigation

We handle both mechanic’s liens and construction contract disputes. A mechanic’s lien is most often used by subcontractors and suppliers. If the subcontractor or supplier is not paid, a lien can be placed against the homeowner’s property.

Commercial Litigation

We provide services relating to commercial businesses, merchandising, trade, and sales. We can represent public and private businesses in corporate and franchise disputes. 

Business Disputes

At Saunders Law, our attorneys can litigate or arbitrate disputes between businesses over shareholder conflicts, billing, services, sharing of information, and more. 

Partnership Dissolutions and Restructuring

When disputes arise between business partners, we can help either establish a new partnership agreement, or we can write up the necessary paperwork to dissolve the partnership, depending on either party’s wants or needs.


An incorporation is a company that is formally recognized by the state of Florida. It is its own legal entity, separate from the founding individuals. We can assist clients in determining if incorporating is right for them, and we can help to file the necessary paperwork. 

“At the Saunders Law Group, we have the resources and man-power to handle your legal problems, no matter how big, no matter how complicated.”

K.C. Bouchillon

Why Choose Saunders Law Group?

Legal battles tied to businesses can be complicated and expensive. You need a business attorney who can navigate both the business and civil aspects of a lawsuit. The legal team at Saunders Law can aggressively protect your best interests.

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If you are involved in any form of business dispute, it is highly beneficial to work with a lawyer, especially when contracts are involved. To schedule a consultation, please give us a call at (863) 533-6200, or contact us directly through our website. Our team at Saunders Law Group looks forward to helping you reach a resolution.

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