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Is Permanent Alimony Coming to an End?

Alimony has become a hot-button political issue in recent years. A bill to reform alimony worked its way through the Florida legislature earlier this year.…

Saunders Law Group Jun 05, 2015

How is Debt Distributed After a Divorce?

When a couple enters divorce proceedings, “splitting up” becomes a very multifaceted phrase. Beyond the dissolution of the relationship, it becomes the overarching theme to…

Saunders Law Group Jan 20, 2015

Divorce Rates Rise as the Holiday Season Ends

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to jump back into work, religiously follow those New Year’s resolutions, and…get a divorce?

According to, yes.…

Saunders Law Group Jan 06, 2015

What You Need to Know About the Pretrial Process

Nearly everyone has seen or heard about trials on TV. But what about the other parts of a lawsuit? Before you begin to navigate through…

Saunders Law Group Dec 19, 2014

What is Florida’s Bad Faith Law?

In Florida, persons can sue an insurer if they believe the insurer acted in “bad faith” by refusing to settle a claim or when defending…

Saunders Law Group Dec 08, 2014

What are the Basics of Child Custody in Florida?

Divorces are emotional by their very nature; ending a marriage is fraught with agonizing decisions and painful positions. Money is always a contentious issue in…

Saunders Law Group Nov 20, 2014

Ebola and Medical Malpractice Suits

By now, almost everyone has heard the story of how Ebola made its way into the United States. The now-deceased Thomas Eric Duncan visited a…

Saunders Law Group Nov 08, 2014

String of Tampa Wrong-Way Accidents Remind Drivers to Stay Alert

Tampa has recently been afflicted with a string of serious, sometimes fatal, car accidents caused by going the wrong way on divided highways. Most of…

Saunders Law Group Oct 17, 2014

What Are the Elements of a Medical Malpractice Case?

Proving a medical malpractice in lakeland case requires demonstrating that the health care provider acted negligently. To prove negligence, the claimant must show: duty,…

Saunders Law Group Sep 23, 2014

Changes in Medical Malpractice Laws May Make Suits More Difficult

On July 1, 2013, SB 1792 became law. SB 1792 is significant because it makes medical malpractice lawsuits more difficult to pursue. The law has…

Saunders Law Group Sep 08, 2014

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