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Tire Blowouts Can Lead to Large Truck Accidents

Thumbnail image for shutterstock_329292857.jpgLarge truck accidents can have tragic outcomes. So many times, a catastrophic injury is sustained, if not a fatal injury. For commuter vehicles, the dangers posed by tractor-trailers needs to be taken seriously. Our Bartow, FL truck accident attorneys can help following an accident that was caused by someone else's negligence.

How Improperly Loaded Cargo Can Lead to Truck Accidents

000063337947.jpgThere are many different causes of truck accidents that our Bartow, FL attorneys have dealt with in lawsuits. We know the dangers of driver fatigue, for instance, in which physical and mental exhaustion can result in truck drivers falling asleep behind the wheel or making poor decisions. Yet there are times when the driver is not the issue per se, but rather the cargo the truck is carrying.

How Driver Fatigue Leads to Semi-Truck Accidents

246288826.jpgWhen severe or fatal truck accidents occur, the people in Bartow and Lakeland know that they can turn to our law firm in their time of legal need. Our attorneys have years of experience addressing injury cases, and we have a strong record when it comes to providing sound legal counsel. This can be extremely important when taking on business interests in commercial truck collision cases.

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