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Parenting plans may need to include contingency plans

The school calendar is one that parents usually pour over at the beginning of the year, especially if they have a parenting time schedule to follow. This enables them to make plans for where the children will go over breaks. Some parents might not think about it ahead of time, but they also need to try to make tentative plans for what will happen if there is an unplanned school closure.

Florida allows simplified divorce for people with no minor kids

People who are married and don't have children under 18 can often use the simplified divorce option that's available here in Florida. This provides them with a faster and easier process that enables them to move forward with life without having to go through a contentious divorce.

Delinquent child support and driver's license suspension

Child support obligations are not meant to be based on an agreement between the parents. Rather, they are based on the parents' obligations to their child. The state of Florida enforces these obligations in the interest of protecting the child, and also because if the parents can't or don't pay for the child's needs, the child will need public assistance.

Help for parents with child support enforcement

Parents who are seeking to collect valuable child support should be familiar with legal resources to help them enforce a valid child support order. Parents are required to provide financial support for the care of their children which is why the family law legal process provides options to help parents with their child support concerns and child support enforcement.

How property is divided in Florida when couples divorce

The property division process during divorce implicates many things couples care about and may be concerned about during their divorce which makes it helpful for them to understand how property division is handled during divorce. Florida follows equitable property division rules which means that property will be divided during divorce as equitably as possible.

The benefits of collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is an option to help guide divorcing couples through the divorce process in a more peaceful manner. The collaborative law process is best described as a cooperative approach to resolving divorce-related issues. Divorcing couples should be familiar with collaborative divorce as one option.

Parents should know how child custody decisions are made

When couples are approaching a divorce, child custody may be at the top of their list of concerns. Child custody concerns can be emotional. Parents understandably concerned with their child's welfare will want to understand the child custody process during divorce.

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