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Family Law

How can you birdnest effectively?

Divorce can wreak havoc on your family. When you have young children, you and your ex have to figure out how to share parenting responsibilities. Your child’s best interests come first and one way that some parents are respecting their children’s needs is through a...

Types of injunctions for protection

Divorce may be a headache, but when someone's safety is on the line due to the risk of violence, things become more complicated. When necessary, spouses may apply for a civil injunction in order to keep a dangerous person at a distance from them during these...

How can you co-parent successfully?

After a divorce, you may feel like it is impossible to get along with your ex-spouse. This can be especially frustrating when you both need to co-parent children together. However, keeping some positive habits in mind can make a big difference, as well as help improve...

Income used to figure child support

If you and your child's other parent each have one job and it is your sole source of income, figuring child support may not be complex. However, multiple sources of income can cloud the matter.  These are the types of funds that should be part of the calculation as...

4 challenging asset types to divide

Not all property division in divorce is as simple as valuating and making a fair split. You may reasonably expect some assets to fall in value, some to rise and some to have other complications not pursuant to market behavior. Each class of asset requires a specific...