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Four situations where you might need a prenup

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Family Law

It might feel awkward to bring up prenups to your fiance, but without a valid prenuptial agreement, you risk leaving important aspects of your life to the will of the state.

Here are four situations where you should consider getting a prenup.

You have significant assets

In Florida, you must divide all marital property equally. Marital property includes anything that you obtained during the marriage. Going into the marriage, you might have assets you want to keep full ownership of, such as property or businesses. Assets you bring into the marriage can count as non-marital assets, but if the value of your assets increases, that difference counts as marital property. You can protect the value of your assets with a prenup.

You have children already

If you have children from prior marriages, you or your ex may have something set up for them. A prenup can protect an inheritance that you have set aside, regardless of which marriage your children are from.

You want financial autonomy

If your spouse-to-be has significant debt, such as student loans, it will count as non-marital property. However, any future debts incurred during the marriage are marital property. Sometimes, people just want control of their own finances in a marriage. With a prenup, you can decide how to distribute debts and assets you get during a marriage.

You want to simplify the divorce process

No one plans for divorce when they get married. However, making important financial decisions upfront can make the proceedings go by more smoothly and quickly.

Creating a prenup before getting married can keep you in control of your finances.


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