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What are your biggest hurdles as a grey divorcee?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2021 | Divorce

Grey divorcees often face different hurdles than younger couples when it comes to the split. Though you have many potential benefits to gain as well, it is important to understand what struggles you might meet.

After all, the older you are, the more these issues might impact you. So just what are the biggest hurdles, anyway?

Dividing assets

Forbes examines the most common hurdles grey divorcees face. Many of them revolve around assets. First, splitting your assets will always be a bigger pain when you are older compared to younger couples. You simply have more time to gain joint assets or grow your own. This means it will take longer to separate them equitably when the time comes.

Spouses may also take the chance to try fudging numbers and hiding assets. If you suspect this is happening, you can hire a financial forensics specialist to take a look.

What about your benefits?

Next, there are your benefits. This can include health insurance and retirement funds. As a couple, you had the ability to share these. But if you split, what will happen to your benefits? You may have to look into alimony or spousal support. Many people even need to consider re-entering the workforce, which comes with its own hurdles at an older age.

Finally, there are your adult children to consider. At this point, they are establishing their own lives and careers. Many older divorcees make the mistake of treating their adult children like friends during the divorce process. They may overshare or rely too much on their kids. This creates unnecessary stress for them and can damage your relationship. It is one more thing to keep in mind when traversing your divorce.


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