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How can road rage turn deadly?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While driving, you may notice a car behind you following you closely or acting erratically.

Although road rage may seem like a minor inconvenience to deal with at times, it can be a serious problem when a driver feels overwhelmed by anger.

Braking and weaving

According to Psychology Today, the definition of road rage includes acts of aggression such as tailgating another driver so closely that you ram him or her off the road. The offending driver may cut corners or weave in between lanes in order to scare you.

Having to break suddenly to avoid another car could lead to a crash, since drivers with road rage may also merge in front of you to cut you off.

Speeding and using distractions

Another dangerous element of road rage is a car that drives far over the speed limit. This driver can easily lose control of his or her vehicle, as well as harm you or other cars on the road.

Many people with road rage also forgo using turn signals or excessively use their horns to try to irritate you. This makes it even harder to predict what act of aggression will happen next.

Further confrontation

One of the more extreme responses to road rage may come in the form of the driver getting out of his or her car and approaching you. This could lead to a physical fight or continued verbal threats.

Due to the nature of this interaction, it is harder to avoid if someone attempts to intimidate you this way. Road rage is a serious concern for any driver who encounters someone behaving erratically.


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