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Two important reasons for seeking medical care after a car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Sunshine State has its share of auto accidents. Some cause catastrophic injuries, but motorists also walk away from many so-called fender-benders and rear-end collisions.

If you are the victim of a minor vehicle crash, you may think that seeing a doctor is a waste of time, but here are two good reasons to seek prompt medical attention.

Possible underlying injuries

The primary reason to see a doctor following a vehicle crash of any kind is the possibility of underlying injuries. The human body reacts to the trauma of a car accident by releasing chemicals such as adrenalin that can temporarily hide pain and injury. For example, if you sustain a concussion or more serious brain damage, you might not experience symptoms right away. Depending on the type of injury you have, recovery may only take days or weeks, but more serious damage could require surgery followed by rehabilitation, while the most severe injuries may require lifelong treatment.

Need for a medical report

Prompt medical attention will also generate the medical report that explains your diagnosis and treatment and that ties your injury directly to the car crash. This report should accompany the claim you file with an insurance company. As the accident victim, you have a right to expect financial compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.

Insurance company tactics

Keep in mind that insurance companies want to protect their bottom line. Therefore, they may offer you a lowball settlement or even try to deny your claim altogether. However, prompt medical attention, the report that accompanies your claim plus advocacy on your behalf will combine to secure the full and fair settlement you deserve.


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