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How can you co-parent successfully?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Family Law

After a divorce, you may feel like it is impossible to get along with your ex-spouse. This can be especially frustrating when you both need to co-parent children together.

However, keeping some positive habits in mind can make a big difference, as well as help improve your communication and relationship.

Be honest

According to Oprah Magazine, co-parents should make sure to be direct and honest when discussing important matters. Do not evade questions or try to avoid face to face talks, since that will only make the situation worse in the end.

Discussing matters plainly helps you both come to a solution faster. These problems can range from decisions about your child’s medical issues to financial troubles. Taking a step back and remembering to stay calm will allow you both to maturely handle whatever arises.

Avoid badmouthing anyone

It may feel tempting at times to badmouth your ex-spouse or talk about your frustrations with him or her in an accusatory way. However, this not only negatively impacts your relationship with your ex-spouse, but it also hurts your child.

Assuming a child may take sides or listen to your complaints can be damaging for all three of you. Instead, keep your replies classy and respectful even in frustrating situations.

Stay flexible

Divorces can be hectic, and part of learning to cooperate with your co-parent includes being flexible in new circumstances. Giving your ex-spouse the benefit of the doubt and reaching out if he or she needs help can help both of you learn to trust each other. Being flexible also means your child’s needs also come first, which makes this a way to nurture a healthy relationship with him or her.


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