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How collaborative divorce works

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Family Law

The end of a Florida marriage can be a challenging time which is why divorcing couples should consider collaborative divorce as an option to resolve their divorce. Collaborative divorce is a resource available to divorcing couples through the family law process and provides an alternative to a litigated divorce.

Collaborative law divorce is a divorce process that encourages collaboration between the divorcing couple to resolve their divorce-related concerns. The collaborative law divorce process is a process that the divorcing couple agrees to and helps them resolve divorce-related concerns such as property division, child support, spousal support and child custody through negotiation. It can also involve the help of other professionals including counseling professionals and financial experts to help the divorcing couple resolve their concerns.

The process can be less acrimonious than a traditionally litigated divorce which can be beneficial to the divorcing couple, children and families. It can also be less costly and time consuming which is what makes it worth understanding and considering as a divorce option. The collaborative divorce process can lead to fewer divorce-related disputes and also help divorce-related disputes be resolved more favorably. A collaborative divorce can help the divorcing couple reach a divorce settlement agreement that includes a property settlement, child custody arrangement and child support.

Collaborative divorce requires the divorcing couple be committed to the process and is a valuable divorce option to be familiar with. The family law process provides different resources to help couples and families in different situations so divorcing couples should be familiar with the different divorce options available to them.