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How Improperly Loaded Cargo Can Lead to Truck Accidents

By Saunders Law Group on April 17, 2018

A large truck driving down the highwayThere are many different causes of truck accidents that our Bartow, FL attorneys have dealt with in lawsuits. We know the dangers of driver fatigue, for instance, in which physical and mental exhaustion can result in truck drivers falling asleep behind the wheel or making poor decisions. Yet there are times when the driver is not the issue per se, but rather the cargo the truck is carrying.

If there is too much freight or cargo being hauled by a semi-truck, there’s a risk of accidents happening. If the cargo itself does not cause the accident, the improperly secured cargo could cause the truck driver to lose control. Given the size of a large truck, the injuries that could be caused by such accidents can be severe. Let’s explore these matters below.

Cargo Comes Loose

One of the biggest dangers to consider when it comes to poorly or improperly secured cargo is that the cargo winds up coming loose while being transported. These incidents can prove deadly, especially for motorists who are adjacent to the large truck. The cargo can wind up striking your vehicle and causing serious bodily injury in the process.

For large items such as logs, building materials, and other industrial or heavy items, there’s a serious risk of your vehicle being crushed due to this loose cargo.

Doors on Trailers Are Not Secured

Another risk to consider is the door on a trailer being opened while the large truck is driving. When this happens, the items inside of the trailer may wind up falling out and onto the road. Whether it’s a bunch fo small items such as boxes or larger goods like home appliances, these can be major hazards to every motorist near the large truck.

Dangers of Debris on the Road

Keep in mind that the hazards of poorly secured cargo don’t just apply to nearby vehicles. If there is any cargo on the road that comes loose, it becomes a major hazard that people can crash into or run over. In the case of mattresses and furniture, these can be extremely dangerous, causing motorists to swerve around these items wildly or experience major damage if they wind up driving over these objects.

Losing Control of the Vehicle

The cargo itself is not the only hazard to keep in mind. When a truck driver notices that cargo has come loose, that driver may panic and try to correct their driving to address the situation. This increases the risk of the driver losing control of the large truck. This means a greater chance of a multi-car collision, and for a jackknife accident to occur.

The debris on the road plus the hazards of an out-of-control tractor trailer could spell disaster for any motorists in the area.

Truck Drivers Must Exercise Common Sense

Given all of these serious dangers, it’s of the utmost importance that truck driver exercise great caution with regard to their cargo and freight. Make sure all items are secured properly. If these objects are stacked, they should be packed tightly and in a manner that offers both balance and stability.

Trucks should not be overloaded with weight, nor should the objects being carried be position precariously. By adhering to the weight restrictions of a vehicle and by using common sense when it comes to securing cargo, truck drivers can keep themselves and others safe.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal options in large truck accidents, it’s important that you contact the attorneys of Saunders Law Group. Our team is here to help you and your loved ones in your time of legal need.

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