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Unsecured Rugs or Carpet Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents


Whenever you’re at a place of business, you expect the premises to be safe. Yet there are many potential hazards at many places of business, some of which you may have not considered. A loose rug or run in the carpet can lead to major slips, trips, and falls. When you or someone that you care about has been harmed at a business in the Winter Haven area, it’s important to speak with an experienced slip and fall attorney from our law firm.

Let’s take a moment to consider the hazards posed by rugs and carpets at a place of business. We’ll then go over the importance of seeking the help of an attorney.

Unsecured Rugs and Carpets Can Be Hazardous

The National Institutes for Health noted that slips, trips, and falls related to rugs and carpets can be quite serious, particularly for people 65 and older. In fact, some statistics of emergency room visits from nearly a decade ago found that approximately 38,0000 people age 65 and older were treated for accidental falls related to rugs and carpets each year.

While almost three-quarters of these rug/carpet falls occurred at home, a significant number did occur in other places and venues, such as businesses. With advanced age, even a simple fall could increase the risk of serious injuries, such a broken bones. These kinds of incidents ought to be preventable if property owners and employees are attentive.

The Dangers of Loose Carpeting and Rugs

Loose carpeting and rugs can slip out of place. When this happens, a person can lose their footing and experience a nasty fall that could result injury. It’s important for any loose carpeting or rugs be properly secured. Sometimes this means having a pad or gripper under the rug or carpet that keeps the surface from shifting. A simple fix like this can prevent many slips and falls.

The Dangers of Uneven Carpeting

Sometimes when a carpet slips out of place, it leaves the surface of the carpet uneven. These uneven sections of a carpet can lead to a tripping hazard. This is especially true of large bumps or waves in a carpet. Property owners need to consider fixing these uneven surfaces as soon as possible in order to avoid falls among people at the premises.

The Dangers of Torn Carpeting

Tears and snags in carpet can also pose a number of dangers. Torn carpet means an uneven surface, and it leads to an increased risk of a person’s foot catching part of the tear leading to a fall. A snag in a carpet can lead to a similar issue, with loose material potentially tripping up someone as they walk by. Having the carpet repaired as soon as possible is a sound way to keep a property safe.

How a Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help

Premises liability lawsuits can be somewhat complicated matters, which is why having an experienced attorney on your side is so helpful. While your lawyer handles the complexities of injury law, you and your loved ones can focus on recovery and moving forward with life.

Speak with Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

For more information about your legal rights after a serious slip, trip, or fall accident, it’s important that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer from Saunders Law Group can help you in your time of legal need.


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