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Wet Floors Can Lead to Serious Slip and Fall Accidents


The lawyers at Saunders Law Group always stand up for the people of Lakeland. We won’t be intimidated by corporations or business interests, which makes our law firm especially helpful when it comes to premises liability lawsuits. An experienced slip and fall attorney can help seek damages following a major injury at a business and at a commercial or residential properties.

Wet floors are a common cause of serious slips and falls. Let’s consider this issue in a bit more detail.

About Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents refer to incidents in which a person slips, trips, or falls at a property, often as a result of poor footing, slippery floors, or a lack of handrails. These kinds of accidents generally involve avoidable incidents that the employees at an establishment and/or property owners should have accounted for.

Causes of Wet Floors at Businesses

There are many potential causes of wet floors at business. Some of them are as follows:

  • Spills at a Property – Sometimes a customer or visitor may spill a beverage or some liquid. This can lead to a potential slip and fall accident if not addressed.
  • Broken Products at a Property – At grocery stores and convenience stores, a broken bottle or jar can lead to wet floors and a potential accident waiting to happen.
  • Leaking Ceilings and Broken Pipes- If a ceiling has a leak or a pipe breaks, it can lead to stray water on a floor, resulting in a potential hazard.
  • Wet Floors from Regular Cleaning- Mopping and cleaning the floors at a business or property results in wet floors, which could cause some unfortunate slips.
  • Poor Weather/Moisture from Outside – When it rains, water can get tracked into an establishment from shoes, umbrellas, and clothing.

Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

Injuries from slip and fall accidents can vary depending on their circumstances. In many cases, common injuries include sprains, contusions, and possible abrasions. In serious slips or falls, it’s possible for people to suffer from broken bones or even head injuries. The injuries are more serious when the victim is an elderly person simply given their frailty with advanced age.

How Employees and Property Owners Can Address These Issues

While there are many causes of wet floors that could result in serous harm, there are many things that employees and property owners can do to keep people safe.

  • Marking Wet Floors – After mopping an area for routine cleaning or identifying a spill/moisture, it’s a good idea to place a sign noting the floor is wet. You may want to block off the area as well.
  • Placing Handrails on Ramps and Steps – If there are ramps and steps in an area where floors may be wet, handrails or guardrails can help prevent serious harm.
  • Textured Floor Surfaces – Rather than having smooth floors in areas where moisture and liquid may be common, having textured floors can help improve traction and prevent accidents.
  • Absorbent Mats – During rainy weather, absorbent mats near entrances can help soak up most of the water tracked in from outdoors. Umbrella baskets or bags are also encouraged to help keep the establishment dry and safe.
  • Routine Dry Mopping – To soak up any potential sources of spills, employees can dry use a mop, pushing it along major walkways and aisles just to be safe.

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