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Four Reasons to Consider Collaborative Divorce in Lakeland

We believe that couples should try to keep their divorce out of the courtroom whenever possible.

Obviously there are some instances where litigation is unavoidable. But with the guidance and mediation of a qualified attorney regarding your divorce in Lakeland, many couples find that they can separate at a significantly lower cost, both emotionally and financially.

In a collaborative divorce in Lakeland, spouses work with their own attorneys to reach an agreeable divorce settlement together - without the threat of contested litigation.

This alternative process has several major benefits.

  1. Your family is 100% in control of its own future. When traditional divorce cases go to court, it's up to a judge to decide what's best for your family. Despite the best of intentions, he or she can't possibly know each family's complete set of unique circumstances. In a collaborative divorce, you set the terms.
  2. Set your own schedule. By avoiding the courtroom, you're also avoiding the hassle of squeezing yourself into the court's schedule. Instead, meetings are structured around the family's available time and proceedings are not drawn out unnecessarily.
  3. Save some money. Even if you can't agree on most things, you can probably agree that you don't want to squander the assets you're divvying up on court costs and legal fees. Although both of you will still need to hire an attorney to help negotiate your divorce settlement, 0% of your legal fees will go towards prepping for a trial.
  4. Get help from the experts. In addition to legal counsel, many families choose to include a financial planner or family therapist to help create post-divorce plans that prioritize the family's overall well being. Any experts chosen in a collaborative divorce are neutral figures and help out both parties.

It goes without saying that collaborative divorce is not right for everyone. If there is domestic violence, substance abuse or any suspicion that a spouse might be hiding assets, then a traditional, litigated divorce is a much better option. It's also important to remember that if either party threatens litigation, both sides will need to hire different attorneys and start over.

At Saunders Law Group, we have over 20 years of experience with divorce in Lakeland. If you think that your divorce might benefit from a collaborative approach, give us a call. We're here to help make this transition in your life (and your family's) as smooth as possible.

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