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How may divorce affect your health?

No matter your age, divorce affects everyone's health. However, adults over 50 tend to have more health complications following a divorce than their younger counterparts. Nowadays, gray divorce occurs at double the rate of the 1990s. According to U.S. News, older...

Do you qualify for alimony?

It takes time and money to get through a divorce. If you are not the breadwinning spouse, you know the money you have now may dwindle to almost nothing by the time the divorce becomes finalized. You need money to tide you over until you can find something, or maybe...

What should you know about concussions?

If you take a hit to the head, chances are fairly high that you will suffer from some sort of brain-related damage in the aftermath. The extent of this damage can tie directly to the strength of the hit and where it happened. While concussions often end up classified...

What should you do with the marital home in divorce?

After deciding to divorce your current spouse, you must also decide what to do with your marital home. Do you know what options you have? Bankrate describes what to consider when you have a mortgage and marital home in your divorce. Understand how to make the most...