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What is a mediator’s role?

When going through divorce, you have many options to avoid the traditional litigation path. Mediation, for example, has grown in popularity over the years. But what exactly is it? What is the role of a mediator in the first place? False beliefs about mediators Forbes...

What are separate and community properties?

When going through divorce, many people have the highest concerns regarding their asset division. To that end, it is good to know as much about the upcoming asset matters as possible, including figuring out community versus separate properties. Defining each property...

Transportation details and parenting plans

As a parent in the midst of a divorce, drafting a parenting plan and child custody agreement takes careful attention. One of the things that many couples overlook is transportation. When you detail the transportation requirements as part of your parenting plan, it...

What can mediators do for a divorce?

When going into a divorce, it makes sense to make things as straightforward and easy as possible. One way of doing this is by avoiding litigation, i.e. taking the case to court. To facilitate this, consider opting for mediation instead. Myths about mediators Forbes...

Is joint custody a good option for families?

Joint custody served as a subject of study across the globe and through many decades. The results of the studies generally paint joint custody in a good, beneficial light. But does every family actually benefit from joint custody? Or should some families opt for...

Beginners guide to a high-asset divorce

Divorces are emotionally and financially taxing. You have the stress of planning your strategies and potentially losing your assets. The worst is a divorce involving a lot of property and money. High-asset divorces involve individuals with high net worth and complex...

How are assets and divorce intertwined?

Assets and divorce have an undeniable relationship. In fact, financial reasons are often one of the driving factors behind the breakdown of relationships that lead to divorce in the first place. So do asset matters continue impacting couples even as they go through...


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